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  Mission Statement  

Mission Statement:

Moorefield High School is a community of 21st century learners working towards positive growth within a climate of mutual respect between all stakeholders.



We at Moorefield High School encourage all students to be responsible and productive citizens as well as lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves, others and their community.



Whatever it takes to BEE YOUR BEST!

Core Beliefs:

         -That our school should provide a diverse curriculum that allows all students a rich and meaningful high school education with the opportunity for the highest academic and extra-curricular achievement.

         -That our school should provide a positive, violence-free, harassment-free, learning environment that supports and promotes social and emotional learning with a school-wide plan for evaluation and improvement of climate/culture.

         -That our physical facilities should provide an orderly, comfortable, safe, attractive, well-maintained environment.

         -That our school should enhance student achievement and participation in a full range of school activities by adapting to the unique and diverse needs of each student and working to overcome social and economic barriers.

         -That our school should develop partnerships with all members of this community in order to respectfully work together to ensure that each student receives the best education possible.



  About The School  

Moorefield High School

Moorefield High School, a non-Title I, public school, is located in rural Moorefield, West Virginia. The original Moorefield High School opened its doors in 1940 and was dedicated by former First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt.

The school continues to serve ninth through twelfth grades, with the average student-to-teacher ratio at 25:1.  There is annual enrollment of about 410-430 students.

In May of 2012, the voters of Hardy County voted 'yes' to a school bond, which gave way for a much-needed, new school to be built.  The construction began in late Spring of 2013 on the same site as the original building.  The new Moorefield High School has been 'up-and-running,' with teachers and students in the new facility since late 2014.