Miller, Robert Principal
Rice, Joe Guidance Counselor
Turner, Connie Secretary
Sherman, Joe Asst. Principal
webmaster, setup

Adams, Victoria Art
Armentrout, Heather Math
Ayers, Tammie English
Barb, Julie Social Studies
Campbell, Justin Physical Science
Cremann, Gretchen Earth Science/Intro to Majors/Biology
Crites, Tim Special Education
Dent, Cody Agriculture/FFA
Dyche, Jessica English/Journalism/Theatre
Eskridge Alley, Traci English
Harman, Sharon Science
Hill, Charlotte Physical Education/Health
Keplinger, Paul Girls Basketball Coach
Mate, Maria Del Pilar Spanish
Riggleman, Melissa English
Rush, Jeffrey Math
See, Jackie Social Studies
See, Josh Physical Education/Health
See, Sarah Library
Sites, Michelle Mathematics
Slack, Mary Hospitality/Travel and Tourism
Stutler, Scott Boys Basketball Coach
Thomas, Connie Business Education
Vance, Jeff Social Studies
Vetter, Chessie Special Education
Vetter-Crites, Sara Band
Watts, Nick Drivers Education
Western, Fred Earth Science/Physics
Wright, Linda Mathematics

Cook-Tusing, Nicci Aide
Crites, Jessica Custodian
Dettinburn, Day Cook
Ketterman, Arno custodian
Myers, Theresa Aide
Salyers, Sunja Cafeteria Manager
Smith, Brenda Cook
Wolfe, Deborah Custodian III